You Can Stop the

Cycle of Re-Trafficking

& Re-Victimization

Help us address challenges survivors face that are specific to safe & 

affordable housing, mentorship, & employment.


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Once she graduates from a rehabilitation program,

she’s vulnerable to going back to where she came from.

Little to no attention is placed on follow-up
support for victims once they have exited
a restoration program. You can help her!

Meet a Survivor

To say the odds were against her is an understatement…

Watch how learning her true identity in Jesus Christ helps her overcome life’s obstacles.

We exist to aid survivors in reintegrating back into society…


Healthy relationships are vital in equipping and empowering survivors to navigate life. That’s why True ID provides different opportunities for growth through an encouraging support system. This is the heart of our ministry!


True ID works closely with organizations and professionals to provide reintegration support for survivors as they step back into society. Let’s work together to end the cycle of sex trafficking and re-victimization.