The Problem

Did you know…

Most available services and organizations targeting sex trafficking in Nevada are focusing on the needed awareness, outreach, and rehabilitation. 

Yet, little to no attention is placed on reintegration as a primary focus for individuals, both trafficked and non-trafficked.

This means…

For many survivors who have completed a rehabilitation program, their only options are moving to a homeless shelter or returning to the streets.

As stated by the International Organization for Migration, up to 80 percent of rescued women in Asia and Eastern Europe end up being re-trafficked. 

According to The US Department of State’s “2020 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP),” a reason for the high likelihood of re-trafficking is the lack of long-term care. 


Even though statistics are insufficient in the United States, we know that re-trafficking and re-victimization is an existing problem. As the saying goes, it takes seven attempts for a victim to completely leave their old Life.

But there’s hope…

To bridge this gap, True ID has pioneered the first Relationship & Reintegration ministry in Southern Nevada for these individuals to increase their chances of success. 

True ID partners with safe houses, recovery homes, transitional housing, and other community organizations to provide the support needed to help survivors reintegrate into the community. 

These essential resources prevent vulnerable individuals from being re-trafficked and re-victimized with greater success.

It’s not a one-year, two-year program to help survivors, it’s a journey.

It takes seven attempts for a victim of sex trafficking to completely leave their old life.

True ID has pioneered the first relationship & reintegration ministry in Southern Nevada

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