true ID is a non profit Nevada Corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. We rely on the generous donations of our supporting community to help serve true ID’s mission and goals. We truly appreciate any amount that you are able to give.


Donations will help true ID continue to be a vital link in the lives of at-risk youth and women who want to leave the adult entertainment/sex industry.

If you have any questions regarding monetary donations, please contact us. Other Ways you can give.

Financial FAQs

Where do the funds go?

true ID funds efforts that target at-risk youth and women who are transitioning out of the sex/adult entertainment industry and we rely on donor support. Monies raised go to help support the mentoring programs and support groups and materials/supplies provided, scholarships for education for participants, financial educational workshop materials,  organizational needs for developing awareness, prevention and marketing efforts to promote true ID to the community. All current positions are volunteer and at this time, and no salaries are being paid to any of our staff. Our goal will be to have a fully paid staffed organization in the future once we are able to gain self sufficiency.

Who directs the funds?

All fund allocations are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of true ID. A list of our Board of Directors can be obtained upon request.

Are financial records audited?

Yes. All financial operations are handled transparently and with the utmost accountability-an extremely important value to this organization. All donor contributions and financial records are reviewed and/or independently audited annually by a certified public accountant.

Can I donate money without using a credit card?

The trueID Board of Directors, as well as their financial team, feel that being good stewards of the funds donors are giving as an investment in this ministry is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we would like to encourage donors to consider giving through their online banking system as another option, which is a free service and will eliminate service charges that are otherwise incurred by giving online using a credit card.

If you have a checking account, and you are set up to access your information online, your bank most likely offers a bill paying option, which is a faster and more secure way to either pay bills or generate checks to various vendors. Using this option, you can ask your bank, simply by providing them with our name, address and phone number, to generate a check and send it to us. This can be a one-time donation, or even a recurring monthly donation. If you’d like to utilize this option, the information you’ll need to provide when you set up the payment is:

1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy.
Suite 440-468
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 721-8789